How to Retain More Business from Mother’s Day Traffic

Mother’s Day is probably the most sentimental day of the year. Wives, mothers, girlfriends, significant others…it’s a time to show appreciation. And that means your store could be full of new customers.

So, what will Mother’s Day shoppers be looking for? The easy answer is the perfect gift, of course.

But what shoppers are really looking for is a trusted advisor– the perfect sales associate, who can guide them to make that meaningful decision. After all, that’s the secret to being good at sales, knowing what people are really looking for.

A good sales associate will typically do the following:

Ask questions. Not about likes and dislikes, but about the personality the person is buying for. Let the new walk-in reminisce about: favorite music, places, hobbies, etc.

Connect. Show items that match the personality, but not too many options. Ask more questions. Take mental notes.

Suggest: Trust is the most important part of any relationship. You now have a few options in front of the customer. You’ve gathered some basic information. Suggest one that seems to fit all the criteria.

If all goes well, a transaction will take place and “thank you’s” will be exchanged.

But…will you ever see that customer again? Despite the sales associate doing a great job, the truth is shoppers shop around. In order retain a new customer, the sales associate must be able to communicate the right message at the right time and know the customer’s important life details and events. This requires the right tool to capture all those mental notes.

This is where a tool like Clientbook comes in – the simple and effective way for sales associates and stores retain more business from Mother’s Day traffic.

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