Gain visibility into your customers.

Imagine someone walking into your store and being able to see exactly who they are, what products they want, and how to get in contact with them once they leave. With Clientbook, sales associates get a 360 degree view of their customers and can reach out when the time is right to close the sale. Save products the customer is interested in and share via text or email with the click of a button.

Increase sales per associate.

Sales associates waste time reviewing notes on clients, finding who to reach out to, and then calling just to have them not answer. Increase efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team’s clienteling efforts without expanding your team. Tasks and reminders allow the sales associate to focus on what they do best – building relationships – while Clientbook Engagement features create a personalized touchpoint without taking your sales team from the floor.

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Never leave a customer’s side.

Customers don’t want to waste time while associates drag them across the store just to write down contact information or print a quote. Sales associates don’t have time to take detailed notes after a customer leaves. Clientbook was built for mobile so that sales associates can work side-by-side and connect with the customer in real-time, no matter where they are in the store.
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Powerful features to drive sales.

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Customers love Clientbook.

"Clientbook has been a critical piece of our sales team’s toolset. It’s paid for itself many times over."
Steve Weintraub
Gold & Diamond Source
"Closing more and creating more opportunities for the sales team when a client leaves after a visit without buying. Clientbook gives them the opportunity to follow up and stay in touch."
John Carter
Jack Lewis Jewelers
"Clientbook has been CRUCIAL to us the last couple of months.  We’ve been converting sales all over the country and a lot of local pickups with the webchat/collections. Grateful to have it to use and excited to see where it goes from here!"
Justin Sims
Sims Music
“We sold more in two days of using Clientbook than we had in the previous two weeks combined.”
Savannah Palmer
Executive Manager
Angie Davis
"I want to share Clientbook with my friends, but definitely don't want my competitors to know about it. It's like my little secret weapon."
Jenny Livits
Pink Lagoon
"Our communication has improved DRASTICALLY. Our clients respond very well to our text and email follow ups and we have already seen a huge increase in sales based on follow up."
Jessica Sagartz
Sales Associate
Clarkson Jewelers
"I've never put a tool out there that sales associates have gravitated to so quickly! Usually I have to incentivize them with a lot of candy! With Clientbook, they picked it right up and haven't looked back."
Ryan Blumenthal
Corinne Jewelers
"Clientbook is so easy to use to enter and also to retrieve information about our clients quickly and easily. The in-app messaging component is really great to keep tabs on customer conversations and makes follow-up a breeze."
Sarah Robey
Colonial Jewelers
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Don't just take our word for it.

A powerful suite of features to help you build lasting relationships with your clients. Clientbook is perfect for driving sales in a simple, unobtrusive manner.
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"We have seen a huge increase of both employee and client engagement..."

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"With Clientbook, getting the customer information we want is so easy because it feels like a natural step to providing good customer service."

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