Case Study

How a Fashion Retailer Increased Sales 13% in 1 Week with Clienteling

In this case study you will learn:
  • How your customers make purchasing decisions in today’s retail world.
  • How you can use the Customer Purchase Journey to increase sales without increasing marketing budget.
  • How to focus your store around client relationships.
  • What you need to do to get your sales team bought in.
  • How to scale your sales team’s ability to build strong relationships with your customers.
  • How a fashion boutique and jewelry store used these insights to drive incredible results.

You'll be in good company.

Leading retailers use Clientbook to make clienteling easy.

Seamlessly connect with your best clients.

  • Centralized sales associate messaging
    Eliminate the need for your sales associates to use their own phones to texts clients. All messaging is located in one thread and is sent via the client’s preferred method (text, email, or the Giftry app).
  • Personalized client engagement
    Send messages to groups of clients at the touch of a button. Just restocked a popular item? Save time by sending a group message to those clients waiting on it. Or maybe you want to send a personal message to a client hours after they’ve left the store? Done.
  • Eliminate pen and paper clienteling
    Gain visibility into who your customers are and what they want at a glance. Save your sales team from the time-consuming work of individual follow up calls while maintaining a personal touch.
"Clientbook is going to put my business where I want it to be. It is the piece of the puzzle in sales that we were missing. This is a golden nugget."
Rebecca Aughton
Owner, Bra~vo Intimates