Let numbers be your guide.

Get the numbers you need to make the decisions your business is ready for. Data on your clients, products, and business are right where you need them, whenever you need them. House data in your point of sale system? No problem. We seamlessly integrate with a number of top POS systems in retail.

POS integrations

A CRM built for your point of sale system.

Clientbook integrates with some of the most popular retail POS systems. Changes made in Clientbook are automatically updated to your POS system and vice versa.

Make data-driven decisions with ease.

Build and export reports based on the data your sales associates are adding to Clientbook every day.

Software that knows your store as well as you do.

Imagine having details about your business, clients, and products all in one place. With Clientbook, you'll have all your in-store data right at your fingertips from wherever you are.