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clienteling platform and app built specifically
for retail.

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A mobile phone displaying the Clientbook app.A mobile phone displaying the Clientbook app.

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Join hundreds of retailers that have improved sales conversion rates and increased average dollar sales thanks to Clientbook.

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A mobile phone displaying the Clientbook app.

With Clientbook, you can:

  • Get 90% of your team to actively clientele.
    Know who’s clienteling without looking over their shoulders all day.
  • Grow client engagement by 5x.
    Build personal relationships with clients without cold calling.
  • Eliminate time spent micro-managing.
    Create a clienteling process without wasting your team’s valuable time.
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Increase sales per associate with automation.

Each sales associate can manage more clients than before by automating work flows, notes and reminders.

Never forget a customer with follow-ups and life events.

Automated reminders help your sales team reach out when your customer is most likely to buy.
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Anniversaries
  • Births
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Simple workflows save everyone from micro-managment.

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"From a marketing perspective, this is the best investment I have ever made in my business!"
Nicole Whitesell
Owner · Adorn
Customer Stories

Retailers use Clientbook to turn their customers into clients.

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"With Clientbook, getting the customer information we want is so easy because it feels like a natural step to providing good customer service."
Jeff Corrigan
Vice President, Wilson Diamonds
“Having everything in one place is a dream. No more loose papers to get lost or forgotten about. The reminders and organization makes clienteling finally easy.”
Kelsey McGraw
Store Manager, Bailey's Fine Jewelry
“From a marketing perspective, this is the best investment I have ever made in my business!”
Nicole Whitesell
Owner, Adorn

"We have seen a huge increase of both employee and client engagement..."

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"I have paid for my Clientbook fees 100 times over from sales we made that we would NOT have closed otherwise!"

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"I would say our ROI has been 100% easily. In other words, a year's worth of Clientbook cost was covered within the first month of being on board."

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Make more sales, and manage it all with insight that has never been available before.