Meaningful interactions.

Say goodbye to manual note taking and complicated spreadsheets and hello to an easier way to organize your client base. From custom client profiles to user-friendly client tags, you'll be able to sort through your entire client base with just a swipe of a finger. That way, you can focus on what matters most-fostering meaningful relationships with your clients.


Make every client feel like a VIP.

Create unique client profiles-complete with birthdays, anniversaries, product preferences, and more-so every client feels like they're your only one.

Their wish is your command.

Add a custom wish list to your client's profile so you can save the products you think they'd like best. Plus, send photos, videos, and links right from a wish list to their phone.

Get to know their personal style.

Keep a complete history of what products your clients purchased in the past. That way, you can send personalized product recommendations for items you know they'll love.

Organize your entire client base in seconds.

Assign tags to each of clients to easily filter and organize your client base. Tags can be based on birth date, product interests, gender, or anything else you can dream up.