The control you need.

Offer a consistent clienteling experience for your customers and team.
Gain visibility into sales interactions with your customers and sales team.
Increase sales with a frictionless tool your sales associates will enjoy using.

Turn every sales associate into a top performer.

Clientbook was created by following the processes of the top sales associates in retail. This app allows each of your employees to follow these same clienteling tactics to increase sales without the need to increase payroll.

Keep your customers when you lose a sales associate.

Unfortunately, there are times when your store and your associates will part ways. With Clientbook, your customers and their information don’t walk out the door with your former associates. Easily reassign your customers to new associates for a seamless transition.

Measure and improve conversion rates.

Gain visibility into the number of clients your sales associates are interacting with and how many turn into an actual sale. Automate the best practices to increase conversion rates across your team.

Capture incremental sales from existing customers.

Enable your sales team to communicate with top customers and drive additional sales by providing them with special sales information, thank you notes, and notifications which appeal to their particular preferences.
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"I would say our ROI has been 100% easily. In other words, a year's worth of Clientbook cost was covered within the first month of being on board."

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"Clientbook is going to put my business where I want it to be. It is the piece of the puzzle in sales that we were missing. This is a golden nugget."

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