How to Make Technology Pay Off in Retail

Technology is definitely changing the way we run our retail businesses. Everything from automating reviews to chat bots online, to predictive analytics that help us make sense of all that data we collect and how to use it to make the retail experience more personal.

Almost seems ironic, doesn’t it? Using technology to get more personal with our clients.

But think about your best Sales Associate. She is very good with people, not so good at memorizing 1200 anniversary dates, birthdays, product tastes, and purchase history. And who is? Her job is to be an advisor to her clients. That doesn’t happen with a notepad and pen.

There’s no denying that technology is great for keeping track of inventory, deliveries, and even gathering data at point of sale. But the most useful technology enables us to be more human.

In order for technology to truly work for you, you have to change your mindset. Because so much of a retailer’s budget (for both technology and marketing) is aimed at tools to help you acquire new customers, you need to consider if your technology is helping you retain the the clients you already have.

After all, creating a long-term relationship with a new customer could turn into a client worth three times as much. So, as you evaluate where you are going to budget dollars for technology to help you grow, remember this one thing:

Technology needs a face in order to really work in your favor.

That’s what Clientbook does. We provide the face. We make it easier for your sales associate to personalize her relationship with those 1200 clients. And when your sales associate can do that, well, she’s more than worth her weight in whatever the new technology costs.

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