What Should Clienteling Software Do for You?

Clienteling is something that most retailers know they should do, but often fall short when it comes to mastering the art. Retail sales associates will give a myriad of reasons why they don’t have the time or ability to actively clientele. That’s why the right clienteling software will erase these excuses and increase sales.

So, when considering the case for clienteling software, keep the following in mind:

A notebook and calendar reminders aren’t enough.

Good sales associates keep track of their customers. They record details in notebooks and at slow times review notes. Some set up reminders on their phones regarding who to reach out to. While good, it’s manual and leaves room for error. It’s also time consuming and hard to do when it’s busy. Clienteling software should make this easy and repeatable.

The right information at the right time builds trust.

Clienteling is about trust. When sales associates spend less time trying to stay organized and more time with the client it means customers are 33% more likely to become a repeat customer.

Clienteling software must enable the sales associate to know all the important dates and events in a client’s life, including their past product history, wish lists ,and product interests. It must help the sales associate know when to follow up and what to follow up with.

Automate it. But keep it personal.

A good sales associate has between 500 and 1,000 clients, depending on the industry. That’s a lot of personal notes, texts, and emails to write; and a lot of anniversaries, service dates, and product updates to remember. The simple answer is to just automate a lot of these things. But customers are pretty adept at recognizing automated and robotic notifications. These impersonal mass messages don’t really scream “you know me” to a client.

As such, clienteling software should empower and drive personal relationships. But be able to do so at scale.


So, the answer is simple in the end: clienteling software should make it a snap to keep track of all of these things and be flexible enough to work within a sales associate’s existing processes. It should help your sales associates turn customers into long-term clients. Period.

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