Are you running a fruit stand or a high-end retail establishment?

In historic Boston there is a place to buy fresh produce every Friday and Saturday. Haymarket sits next to Faneuil Hall and caters to students, young families, tourists, and old time Bostonians. It’s been around since the 1700s and is the best place in town to get fresh produce from local farms and beyond. You’ll see a lot of customers lined up at the various stands, but you’ll never hear the word client uttered by any of the purveyors.

A customer drops in, makes a purchase, and steps out, happy with the day’s find. The pushcarts and the fruit stands have been at Haymarket for a few hundred years. And only a few have grown into full-fledged businesses. They are content to sell a day’s worth of produce to whoever is buying.

 So are you running your jewelry store like a fruit stand---keeping the product fresh, starting each day with a smile, hoping the lines will be long and that your genteel salespeople close more sales than they lose? If so, you are losing about 40% of your profits.

Customers are not clients, but clients are the best customers you have.

Customers drop in and make a purchase. Clients become part of the family, trusting you to not only deliver the best product and service, but to know their needs before they do. Clients rely on you to remind and guide them. They trust your taste, your advice. They appreciate your attention to the details in their life and the occasions you make better. And the only way to do that for the thousand or so people who started as customers and became clients is to use the right tool.

Know your clients.

Knowing your clients means knowing when they are ready to buy. And nobody can do that with a yellow pad and a pen or an email list alone.You need a powerful tool that allows you to input details and remind you at the perfect time.

Know your competition.

If you’re a fruit stand, you know your competition is pushing fresh cherries, or got a good deal on apples. You have to know how to counter that. But in the jewelry business, your competition is not so clear.Your competition may not be another jewelry store, it may be a fashion store competing your client’s attention, or it may be anything that competes for your client’s attention. Breaking through that competition takes trust, and once a client trusts you, your messages will rise up the priority list, and they’ll thank you for it.

So, do you want to be a fruit stand, or do you want to be a business that builds relationships and has a future, no matter what the economy does?

Clientbook. Turn every customer into a client.

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