Are you maximizing your increase in foot traffic?

Customer visits are up. Way up. Your stores are stocked with inventory. Your sales associates are top notch. 2021 is going great.

For the first five months of the year, many retailers are experiencing record increases in foot traffic. Why is that? Maybe you figured out an amazing advertising jingle. More likely is that people are just anxious to get out and spend their money. So, with the economy improving we expect to see steady growth in many retail sectors.

But we all know that retail can be fickle. We could be looking at a bubble. Anyone who has been in retail long enough knows you have to prepare when times are good, not when things start to go south.

That’s why active clienteling should become part of retailing strategy. Converting one-time customers into regular clients is the fastest way to even out the ups and downs in the economy, and to maximize profits in both the good times and the bad.

What we hear from some retailers right now is “I’m too busy with the increase of walk-ins to spend time clienteling.” Frankly, that makes no sense. Customers are here today, gone tomorrow. So, by ignoring clienteling activities during the good times is trading in short term profits for long-term stability.

And clienteling isn’t a time waster, it is part of the customer relations process. It’s the personal touch that matters. And that’s what clienteling does. However, the process needs a little help in order for it to have the greatest impact: automating the right message to the right customer at the right time takes the right tool. A tool like Clientbook that can help you become more efficient when you're busier than you've ever been.

Creating a more personal relationship with all that foot traffic that walks in builds trust. It increases sales for the day, and provides opportunity for future sales. So, when the bubble bursts you won’t be sitting around wishing for the good ‘ol days when the store was humming with eager buyers.

Don’t wait to maximize that foot traffic. Now is the perfect time.

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