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June 25, 2021

How do you build trust with 1,200+ clients?

There’s an interesting dichotomy happening now in retail. Despite more people wanting to get out and shop, there’s an undercurrent of mistrust hanging over every human interaction. Why is this?

Media has proven they can’t be trusted. Social media, influencers, and advertisers have proven they can’t be trusted. People are wary of salespeople, politicians, and anybody who might attack them for having an opinion.

That’s why shopping can provide a great escape.

So, how can sales associates build trust with their all of their clients?

First, never use phrases like: “How can I earn your business?” All you are really saying is: “How do I quickly close this sale so I can forget your face?” Trust is harder than ever to earn. It takes more than catchy psychological phrases designed to manipulate. Trust happens on a personal level. It takes time. It takes honest communication.  For example, just sending out an email that announces a sale isn’t personal. But a text message that says: “Hey, that bracelet you were looking at is now on sale,” is personal.

By getting to know each client as they come in the door, and keeping the relationship going with regular, personal communication will create“regulars,” those buyers who keep coming back because they trust that the experience is going to be what they want.

But how do you do that when you have 1,200+ clients? Sounds impossible, right? Short of every one of your sales associates having a personal assistant to keep up with all the details, retailers need the right tools. Sending the right communication, to the right client, at the right time…that builds trusts. That’s what Clientbook does.

In the meantime, feel free drop generic greetings like: “Glad you came in today, we have a sale going on.” To phrases like: “Tell me about the person you are buying for today?” Being genuine, and using a personal approach instead of a canned greeting immediately breaks the ice. And next thing you know, a solid relationship is forming. Clientbook will help you scale that trust you created.

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