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February 19, 2020

Clientbook Retail: Top Questions (and Answers)

How can I get my sales team to consistently clientele?

We’ve done the research, spoken to hundreds of retailers, and created the solution. We know how to help you but we want to show you your options first!

Option 1: Do It On Your Own

Here’s what you do.

  1. Purchase notebooks for your team. Have them write everything down–clients they talk to, phone numbers, notes, dates, etc.
  2. Allow salespeople to communicate with clients on their own.
  3. Create a daily follow-up process for accountability. Each day managers need to check notebooks and follow-up with salespeople.
  4. Train each salesperson. (This will take a lot of time, energy, and effort.)

Option 2: Use Clientbook Retail

  1. Keep a central repository for your client information.
  2. Separate personal from professional for your sales team.
  3. Easily identify which salespeople are engaged and which need encouragement.
  4. Save time on training.

We do the follow-up for you. We take care of the training. We get your sales team up and running with Clientbook AND actively clienteling on a daily basis.

Who is Clientbook Retail for?

Owners of high-ticket retailer stores who are looking to grow their business in today’s retail environment.


Managers who need to reach sales goals, but aren’t sure how to do it with declining foot traffic.

What are Clientbook Users Saying?

Angie Davis Case Study

“We sold more in two days of using Clientbook than we had in the previous two weeks combined. It’s been so effective that we’ve completely stopped advertising on Facebook.”-Savannah Palmer, Executive Manager

Noble House Case Study

“Clientbook has been incredible for us. One specific example is when we were having our store relocation sale. We cleaned out more than half of our existing inventory. We probably sold 3x more than we would have without it. I know for a fact it had an impact because people kept telling me they came in because of the text message they received from my sales associates.” -Angie Winchester, Owner

Benefits of Clientbook Retail

  • Get 90% of your team to actively clientele.
  • Grow
  • Eliminate time spent micromanaging.  
  • Increase sales per associate with automation.
  • Never forget a customer with follow-ups and life events.
  • Keep your client history in one place with centralized messaging.
  • Save time with mass texting.
  • Increase professionalism with product sync.

Do you just give me the app and let me try to figure it out?

No, we have a very white-glove onboarding process. We call it our Champion Program!

How does the training work?

When you sign up, you choose a champion at your store. Maybe it’s a store manager, maybe it’s you, or maybe it’s a salesperson whose really good. Then we go through an onboarding and training process. This training process is unique to you and your retail location.

Some training can take up to a month. Maybe we are doing 30-minute training calls once or twice a week and then we might be giving some homework for you to work on. Or maybe you’re already really good at clienteling and we want to focus on the app. The training is very flexible and catered to you.

We only sign up 10 clients a month. Why? Because this training takes up a lot of our time, energy, and effort! We know that it works. It gets your sales team clienteling! That’s the key. We are willing to sacrifice signing up more clients to make sure that our current clients are happy.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the number of stores you have and the number of sales associates. But it’s anywhere from a few thousand dollars a year to 10K and up. It really depends on the size of your store.

Can I get a free trial?

We do not offer a free trial but what we DO offer is a 60 day proof of concept. That first 60 days we get you onboarded and trained (which can take a month or so). Then we get the rest of the team going with it.

That 60 days gives you a chance to see if it will work for your team or not. Now, if you cancel within the first 60 days, no harm, no foul. We give you your money back and we part ways as friends! Hopefully one day we can get you back!

The 60 day proof of concept helps to ensure that you have some skin in the game, which ensures that you are committed to giving this a real shot! This is a real tool for real businesses. If you’re not committed to growing your business, then maybe this tool isn’t right for you.

How can I see more features?

Schedule a demo and we will go through all the features you want to go through and the ones we think are most important to you in your business.

What if I spend the money and my team doesn’t use it?

You have that 60 day proof of concept time to test this out. If your team doesn’t use it, get your money back within that time period! No risk to you.

What types of retailers does this work best for?

Any retailer who has a high-touch sales process. Anyone from jewelry, furniture, fashion, music, and more. If you’re interacting with clients, this is going to work for you!

Am I too small of a retailer?

Typically Clientbook Retail works best with retail locations with anywhere from 5-15 sales associates. Maybe with one or multiple locations– regional retailer or national chain.

Now we do have some clients that are sole proprietors. For example, we have one in custom jewelry, and he’s the only person on his team! This tool means EVERYTHING to him. So, even though we typically have more customers within the 5-15 range, this goes to show that this tool can work for other types of customers.

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