The Best Way to Enhance the In-Store Experience

There’s a reason Amazon is getting into retail space. People like talking to real people about products. They want opinions. They want options. They want to hold a product and see how it looks on them.

In fact, according to Businesswire, 71% of consumers spend more in-person than online, and 75% of consumers prefer an in-store experience.

There’s no question that retail has had some crazy waves lately: COVID shutdowns, huge increases in sales because unused travel money that could be spent on shopping, and now new COVID variants, new uncertainties.

How is a retailer to keep up with all this turbulence?

The good news is a constant remains. Consumers are still looking for more meaningful connections and gifts that express their affection. They still want great customer service, the right prices, customization, and personalization. And we see all this change as the biggest retail opportunity in the last 20years.

Consumer expectations have never been so tightly defined. And that means meeting those expectations is simpler than ever. We don’t have to guess what they want; they are much more likely to tell us. And we all know that to be successful in retail you have to give the consumer what they want.

However, to be really successful you need to be efficient at delivering those wants to thousands of customers. In other words, you have to know what each one wants before they know they want it, and you have to be consistent in your messaging, so you can build relationships.

This is where clienteling comes in and extends the in-store experience beyond the four walls of your store. Every client experience beyond the store should be as meaningful and productive as an in-store meeting.

To that end, there is a myriad of clienteling activities to consider – those activities that give you a reason to communicate with your clients after the store visit. The following is a list of common clienteling activities:

•       Birthday reach-outs

•       Anniversary ideas

•       Service reminders

•       Weekly sales opportunity follow-ups

•       6 month clean-and-checks

•       Spouse birthday

•       New inventory

•       Wishlist items on sale

•       Child birthday

•       Graduation event

•       Holidays

•       Review request

•       Post-sale thank-you

•       General check-in

•       In-store visit follow-up

•       Special update follow-up

•       Store event reach-out

•       Item complete alert

How many are you doing? How often? To how many?

The way you answer these questions will determine if you are able to enhance the in-store experience by enhancing the out-of-store experience. Good luck.

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