3 Things to Look for in Your Next Sales Associate Hire

Salespeople are your best advertising….or your worst. Every smile translates into hundreds of pleasant customer experiences. Why? Because when one person has a great experience, they tell a few people, and they tell a few people…and on it goes.

The best sales associates know that being kind, gracious, patient, helpful, and smiling translates into more sales. It takes the right personality to be all those things to everybody that comes in the door.  So that’s the obvious thing to look for first: someone who is good with people and has the right countenance. Seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many grumpy and apathetic salespeople are out there.

Research on customer experiences shows that people with a bad experience are 3 times more likely to tell people about it than if they have a good experience. Let that sink in.

Second: Look for the sentimental type. Not the kind of person who gushes over kitten stories (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but rather the type of person who recognizes how important life’s best moments are and why they should be commemorated in some way: anniversaries, high school graduation, job promotions, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and baptisms, physical triumphs and emotional victories. These are at the core of why people buy jewelry---it lasts. And people want to remember the accomplishment with something that lasts. The salesperson that knows this makes a connection with every customer so they become lifelong clients and friends.

Third: A person that can keep track of a few hundred customers, their birthdays, anniversaries, children, spouses birthdays, job promotions, likes, passions, past purchases, color and gem preferences, pet preferences, even the meaning of their last name. And keep up regular communication with each of them that feels personal and reminds them of the significant events in their lives and even recommends the perfect piece for the occasion.

The first two characteristics are the kind of personality you look for. The third characteristic can be accomplished with the right tool, but only if the person is willing to use it. Clientbook is more than an app that reminds you to reach out. It does more than ask for reviews. It literally profiles customers so you can convert them into clients. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. We even tried it on a caveman like the one from that insurance commercial and even he could use it.

Clientbook. Turn every customer into a client.

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