What Happens to Your Clients When Your Best Sales Associate Quits?

Good sales associates leave for a variety of reasons. Pay. Lack of appreciation. Better opportunities. Usually at the top of the list is their relationship with their boss or manager.

That’s where you as the store owner enters the picture.Having honest conversations, being a good listener, creating the right culture, showing appreciation--all of this should be on your to-do list as an owner and boss.

Nevertheless, people leave and that has an impact on the business no matter what.

First, there are the demands on your time to replace them with somebody who fits, who will produce, and who represents your brand well. All of this can be stressful.

Second, and more importantly you may be asking, “Are all those great contacts and trusting relationships gone forever?” After all, even the sales associates who are bad at clienteling have a few clients they have gotten to know. This is even more of a concern when a really good sales associate quits.

This is one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about. It’s your business. The clients are yours. You pay your sales associates well to manage them, but at the end of the day, clients should stay part of your family when their favorite sales associate leaves.

To make sure you keep good clients when you lose a good sales associate a couple of things need to happen.

1) Build Your Brand.
Every message the client receives should have your brand on it. Every special, every greeting, every Christmas card, every phone call. While a sales associate may be the face of the brand, what that client experiences is your brand. Make the experience excellent and clients will stay loyal to you. And that makes the transition to a new sales associate much smoother.

2) Maintain Control of the Data.
All the personal data on every client should reside and be managed from a central location that you control. You should have access to every note and announcement that goes out to clients. Sales associates texting clients about a sale is good, managing those texts from your dashboard is better. The last thing you need is sales associate moving to a competitor and taking a truckload of clients with them.

In conclusion, you need to manage your clients as effectively and rigorously as you manage your inventory. Clientbook is the clienteling tool that help you do this and makes your life easier, especially when you lose a good sales associate.

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