3 Simple Ways to Start Clienteling

We work with hundreds of retailers regularly and when it comes to clienteling a common question that regularly gets asked is, “How do I get started?”

So let me offer three simple ways you can get started:

1. The Rule of Five

What this means is generally each sales associate needs to be responsible for 5 clienteling activities a day. This could include sending out reminders, sharing a wishlist with a customer, reaching out on a birthday or anniversary, and even calling the customer.

If your sales associates are living “the rule of 5” daily, you’re going to see a big results. I recommend you even gamify this. Every engagement is a point.

2. Go Beyond Reviews

Everyone knows how important reviews are to acquiring new customers and having a stellar reputation. But reviews have become ubiquitous.

For most retailers, getting the review is where the relationship with the customer ends. At Clientbook we think this is actually the beginning of a journey to build long-lasting relationships with clients.

To start, map out what the customer experience and touch points might be for the next 6-12 months. Here are a few ideas:

--Create a wishlist of items they may like based on their purchase history
--Be aware of any special life events that might be happening in that time frame such as Birthdays, anniversaries or graduations.
--Send a message that gives them a reason to revisit the store, such as a service reminder or store event or promotion.

Going beyond reviews is the key to turning a first-time customer into a long-term client.

 3. Segment Your Customers

If you’re like most of the retailers we work with you have a lot of customers. This can make it difficult to know when and who to send messages to. Let me give you a quick tip that might help.

Put your customers into one of three buckets:

1. VIPs – these are the clients you see regularly. You know every detail about them and what they like.
2. Next, we have what I call Steady Eddy’s –these customers come in maybe once or twice a year, usually around a holiday or special occasion.
3. Finally, the First Timer. These are the ones who made a purchase and you haven’t seen them again.

Once you have your customers segmented, strategize on how youc an get your First Timers to become Steady Eddys and Steady Eddys to become VIPs.

I hope by trying the rule of five, going beyond reviews, and segmenting your customers will better help you get started with actively clienteling, and by extension building relationships with your customers.

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