Why Clienteling Works Best ONLY with a Mobile App

It’s no surprise that people spend ridiculous amounts of time on their phones. On average, we touch our phone screens 2600 times a day. You read that correctly. 2600! We literally have generations walking around who have never known a world without them. They were practically born with a phone in their hands.

Just look around--faces are buried in screens as they walk through shopping malls and wait at stop signs. Not the safest way to move about, but it’s happening. You’re probably reading this on a mobile device.

The other massive trend is that people are now spending more time shopping on their mobile devices than they are on their personal computers. In fact, Shopify estimates that more than 80% of e-commerce site traffic is from mobile.

Why is the mobile phone quickly replacing the personal computer?

Simple. The technology is more powerful and the apps are easy to use. In fact, research shows that 90% of time on mobile phones is spent on apps, not browsers. That means users have a purpose when they are looking at that screen. They are checking bank accounts, calendars, email. They are proofreading documents and spreadsheets, checking on friends and of course, shopping and making payments.

With such a high majority of our population using their cell phones as the primary productivity tool in their lives, doesn’t it make sense that retail sales associates should do the same? Shouldn't building relationships through clienteling be right there on the small screen, too? Of course it does.

Clienteling is a personal relationship. A cell phone is a personal device. By maximizing the clienteling experience on mobile you expand the four walls of your store into the personal lives of your clients. They want you there (not in a creepy stalker way), but they want your advice, reminders, sales notifications. They count you as a friend and advisor. They want to make selections and make payments from the palm of their hands.

Then there’s the in-store experience. If you are relying on your point-of-sale software as the source of all truth, and having to drag customers back to the cash register every time to get information, you’re going to waste each other’s time.

When you clientele on mobile you sit next to a client’s messages from friends and cohorts. You’re not separated by technology and geography. You area part of their lives. This personalization makes for a stronger bond and a convenience that facilitates sales.

By clienteling with a mobile app, you are meeting the customer where they are, on their terms, and using technology they want you to use. And this is the sales experience they expect.

So, how are you clienteling?

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